Look at ya watch cause we about to have church! — Beverly Crawford
U are not trash…u are valuable to God…otherwise the devil would not attack u and try to make u fall; because he knows u are valuable — Mr. C

Undistracted Faith

Undistracted Faith Matthew 16:1-3 15:23-28 -Got to know who God is so he doesn’t distract u from the faithfulness of God -He’s faithful cause he always finishes what he begins -Got to leaner how to focus! Got to finish -What I desire is far from what I deserve -Walk on what u heard -As long as I’m distracted I will begin to sink -U have to get with the move of God -U can’t pray like u deserve something -Give God a bow wow


Fact: God will be a blessing to those who bless others! He won’t give u another blessing if u still clutching the last one! nothing can enter a closed hand! let the sand drip through your finger and watch God continue to fill it up! #overflow